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Whatever you need to repair duct tape remains the most versatile item you should be carrying. Sometimes you need a quick fix and because duct tape generally comes in a sizable roll it’s nowhere where you need it! Well I solved two problems at the same time,my security gates have similar locks and all too often I insert the wrong key which does work but you are then faced with a major battle to get it out and get the lock moving again, solution # 101, I rolled a 45 cm strip of duct tape around the front gate key which makes it immediately recognizable and gives me a piece of tape to use in an emergency.

So this solution lets me have immediate access to a piece on indispensable tape in case of an emergency.

Due to it’s versatility I thought I would list a few applications where it has actually worked for me or someone close to me;

  • Temporary patch to a leaking hose or pipe.
  • Patch a leaking boat or lilo.
  • Repair a cracked water bottle.
  • Tie a bandage or make a makeshift bandage with gauze.
  • Repair a torn,leaking tent.
  • Hold splints to tape a broken bone.
  • Remove splinters from skin,yes it is very sticky.
  • Tape a broken window before removing iit.
  • Fix vehicle hoses,windows,headlights etc.
  • Join wires after splicing if you do not have electrical tape.
  • Wrap a sprained limb if you do not have a crepe bandage.
  • Fix broken poles.
  • Reseal opened food packages.
  • Use as fly paper around the campsite.
  • Fix tent insect screens that are torn.

So now comes the challenge, tell us where duct tape has really helped you in an emergency, let us know at

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