Essential Bush Equipment

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Other than tools and recovery equipment which are the first items packed there are seven other items that I never go without.

To me these are essential and I can not afford to leave them at home. BLADES

I don’t go anywhere without my Super-Tool. My SOG is the favourite bush tool it’s robust and has geared jaws for heavy work , I tend to keep the more refined  Victorinox Tool for short trips and around the house. Whilst I sometimes take a Kershaw blade trader( One handle and six blades) I also take a fixed blade knife, in this case a Swedish Morakniv which is great value for money and works well with a firestriker , the Morakniv is tough useful round the camp and even as a carving knife. On occasion I will also take a long bladed Opinel for kitchen use.A Swiss Army knife is a good backup as the better versions have tin openers,corkscrews and bottle openers,often overlooked in hasty packing.


Whilst we all love the smell of a braai time does not always allow us to make a fire, I take one or two 3kg Cadac cylinders for cooking and lighting, as well as a small Cadac camping stove for boiling water.

Gas is great in inclement weather especially on windy , wet days.

As a back up I also pack a small dual fuel stove that runs on paraffin or benzine.


This is a no brainer , I lalways carry a largish kit to supplement the smaller one that stays in my vehicle, hope never to  have serious use other than for a small graze or scrape.But the bandages,creams and suchlike afford peace of mind.


The Engel sits in the garage and gets packed behind the drivers seat where the rear seat flips up, I use a portable battery pack as opposed to a dual battery system but the function is much the same. The Engel has stood me in good stead although the locally manufactured National Luna units are great with the extra freezer compartment.


I carry a variety with the main unit being a three cell LED Maglite backed up by a two cell version which has a clever little top that allows one to use it as a table lantern. Smaller torches are used for toilet visits and a small camping lantern works in the shower or tent.


Not essential but I like to take a compass and paper map to not only back up the GPS but also just to fiddle and remember old style navigation.

Knife Sharpener

The knives are always sharpened before a trip but there is nothing worse that a knife that loses its edge while there is still work that needs doing, for this purpose I always take a “Lansky Blade Medic” along it allows one to quickly put an edge onto a dull blade and even has a small diamond rod for serrated knives.

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