Eco-Friendly When You Travel

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Sustainable tourism has three key components, the environment the economy and the social consequence,they all work hand in hand. Today we are going to look at ways in which we can limit our impact on the environment and travel in a more “eco-friendly fashion. To many South Africans tourism represents a living and it is critical that this sector is developed even further without a negative impact on the environment – this makes it important to us as travellers to minimise the impact of our trip. There is growing demand for more eco – friendly travel options and a good deal that we can do to travel in an eco-friendly way.

Firstly over and above the way we drive when off-road and onroad as well as using eco friendly products and responsible waste disposal we should look at eco-friendly destanations. Many accomodation options offer great detail in this regard and cover things such as lighting,solar power,cables that are underground,locally sourced products etc. One should gather this type of information when planning trips and even share it with friends that are like minded.

When at your destination consider parking your vehicle and walking,cycling or even using public transport , it’s saves fuel, limits carbon emmisions,you will see more and benefit from the exercise. Then don’t overload,pack what you need for the trip and look at light ,easy to launder clothing items.One should even take a busket and lid that you can fill with water and detergent then add dirty laundry ,put the lid on and drive. The resultant movement washes the clothes whilst you travel and they need only be rinsed at your destination ,then hung out to dry.

If staying in a chalet , hotel or even a guest house be electricity and water wise,don’t have your towel changed every day, turn off taps and take your own water containers to avoid buying bottled water. And remember “local is lekker”, support the local community in whatever you do or buy and support establishments that source goods and produce locally. Avoid souvenirs that are produced from animal products as well as animal based tourism ( petting parks and tame animals),look for biodegradable items as well as goods that are made from recycled items.Lastly use the sun,take solar chargers,look at venues with solar policy,dry your laundry in the sun – save electricity wherever you can.

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