Easter Safety Tips

Easter Weekend Safety Tips

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Going on a trip this Easter? To ensure that it’s a pleasurable experience we
would like to share a few Easter Weekend safety tips with you:

  • Although you may have checked your tyres many folk forget to check the spare tyre and when they get a flat find that it is under inflated, remember to check your spare wheel before you leave.
  • Keep your drivers’ license readily accessible rather than having to take it out of your wallet when pulled over by law enforcement personnel, this reduces the risk of having to pay “lunch money”.
  • Take a variety of games and books to keep the passengers and children interested otherwise the dreaded words”when are we there?” will be repeated over and over.
  • Ensure that you have a basic tool kit as well as essentials such as cable ties and duct tape-useful in any emergency.
  • Do not forget a wheel spanner and jack handle as well as the socket should you have security nuts fitted.
  • Take your spare keys.
  • See that you have you insurance details accessible.
  • Do not forget ID documents.
  • See that you have a decent first aid kit.
  • Check if Malaria prophylactics are required.
  • Do not forget sunscreen, hats and a soothing gel in case of sunburn.
  • If camping ensure that you have burn gel and gel nets in case of an accident.
  • Avoid eating en route in dodgy looking caf├ęs as this could seriously spoil the break.

And most importantly enjoy yourself and share your adventures at All Terrain!

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