Delta Park

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The Park was the site of the Delta waterworks built in 1934,the environmental centre is still housed in the beautiful art deco main building and four staff houses and two gatehouses in similar style remain. Delta Park itself is one of Jozi’s largest parks near the suburbs of Blairgowrie and Victory Park with the neighbouring suburbs of Craighall and Parkhurst situated over the Braamfontein Spruit.

Access to the park area is via the two well known DzBlue Bridgesdz and a makeshift bridge halfway down the spruit maintained by locals. It totals around 108 hectares and contains the Delta Environmental Centre housed in the main building, the opportunity exists for day visitors to visit the museum for a nominal fee which gives one some insight into the history as well as the benefits of recycling-there is a recycling area adjacent to the car park outside the environmental Centre.

The centre also offers courses to schoolchildren receiving around 20 000 visitors a year. Across the way is a short sensory trail, which is worth walking through. The park is somewhat run down in places though and needs attention from City Parks, generally the lawns are mowed and it’s a relatively clean park, even around the kiddies play area where most picnics and braais take place.

The bird hides around the two dams need attention, as does the fencing around the dams, vagrants are somewhat of a problem and the regular courses no longer take place, yet bird watching opportunities abound. So what happens at the park? Well there are a multitude of activities many of which also use sections of the neighbouring spruit.

The regular Saturday Park runs draw crowds of people who arrive on Saturday morning with kids and dogs in tow, then there are the dog walkers, hikers and mountain bikers all of whom use the trails around the park, weekdays are generally less busy but Saturdays and Sundays are pretty much packed. One a good Sunday morning it’s hectic, dogs of every breed, shape and size roam with socialized dogs being off lead, hikers train and stroll the vastness and mountain bikes abound- it’s truly an all terrain destination. Delta Café is situated at the nearby REEA complex next to the Colourful Splendour nursery and offers breakfasts, coffee or tea and lunches, it’s not unusual to walk the dog around the perimeter and end at the café for a breakfast, coffee of a snack surrounded by fellow dog walkers, hikers and cyclists- and Delta Café is dog Friendly!

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