Choosing a Knife

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Just about everyone carries a knife on a daily basis, one of the key decisions in choosing a knife is the choice of a blade edge. Generally one goes to a plain edge but one also gets serrated and combination blades( serrate and plain edge).

You may not have thought you needed serrations before but lets give them some thought late on.

Plain edge knives are generally the most common and the most versatile given the continious edge, this allows oneto perform general cutting tasks cleanly and easily without resistance.

Plain edges are also easier to maintain as the edge is easier to sharpen or reprofile and will give you years of service, they are;

  • Versatile and useful for most tasks
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Cut cleanly through most materials

However they will struggle with tougher materials. Serrations are the sharp teeth like edges ground into a blade,much like saw teeth, the serrations make it easier to cut harder or uneven material where you can’t apply steady continious pressure, and may have to try different angles,think rope,a tree branch or even a crusty slice of bread- with momentum the teeth bite into the material. The prime drawback to a serrated knife is maintenance – lots of little edges require lots of work to sharpen them,you will need special sharpeners or alterantively professional assistance- this means that a serrated knife is moreof a specific purpose knife when compared to the general purpose plain edge variety. Serrated knives do however ;

  • Stay sharp longer
  • Cope better with tougher materials

However ;

  • The cut is ragged because of the “teeth”
  • Hard to maintain
  • Not as useful in all situations

Combination edge knives come in handy as they bring a serration and straight edge into play giving the best of both worlds in terms of ulility of function with twice as much work in terms of maintenance. You do however get less cutting length as most of the edge is straight edge,situated more to the tip for better leverage and precision. The serrated edge is closer to the handle alowing a better grip,pros being;

  • Best of both worlds
  • Allows you to carry one knife
  • Popular amongst campers

The only negative of a combo knife is hampered cutting action due to the loss of length of either the straight or serrated edge.

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