Camp kitchen # 102 because we have done #101

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Well I have a little project , I have over the last few months been using items from my camping trommel and putting them back but it has become a bit messy and needs to be organised, so the picture that accompanies this article is the “ before shot” , I will work on the after shot.

My needs may be different to someone else , so I will focus on the essentials for two or 4 people,this will give me the opportunity to trim my kit down and focus on a more minimalistic approach, using items that are capable of multi tasking.

I do not have a rigged vehicle so will look at a system of containers, the main one being the kitchen unit and the secondary one being the cooking side of things as I want to separate fuel and stoves. Obviously I will look at clear containers and evaluate durability.All boxes will be marked as well. I am going to consider stackable boxes and will not discount the well known Wolfpack.

The containers should be sturdy with clip on lids and I will attempt to keep the utensils,plates etc separate. I want to use every bit of space but will not cover food ,tea, coffee etc as that I would do before a trip.Off-Road items should not move around so that’s a function of packing and retention , nothing worse than finding an item of kit has broken,or worse still importand groceries have opened and spilt all over the place. So use sponges,roller towel,dish towels and swabs between the main items to act as a buffer- this also stops noise.On a rough trip close lids with duct tape to avoid them opening. One would also need to wrap containers that are in the fridge, an inexpensice yoga mat and cable ties make a nice protective wrap around a bottle and the cut lenghts are re-usable , box wine for every day use packs well and you can always wrap a bottle or two for special occasions.Decant things like rice,pasta,cereal biscuits etc into labled square containers that stay in the box even once you have returned( empty and washed).

Choose pots and pans wisely,they should be small enough to stack into each other perhaps secured with reusable cable ties,if necessary shorten the handles of frying pans to make them pack easier, legs of potjie pots can be cut off as they simply waste space,

Some tips.

  • Vacuum pack meat ,it packs easier and you can pack it last in first out as you plan your meals


Here are just a few food packing ideas to help you get started:

  • Get your meat vacuum-packed – it will keep a lot longer in the fridge, is easier to pack and keeps the fridge cleaner.
  • Take pleny of spices and sauces,decant the spices into small comtainers,no sense in having bland food.
  • Take flat bread but remember it does not last well so get a pack of mix that you can bake in a pot or foil.
  • Keep frozen vegetables with your meat in the freezer they pack well
  • Eggs need to be kept in a cool dry place if you can’t fit them in the fridgestore in a solid plastic egg container.

Well the challenge is on I am going to see how I can create a minimalist generic kitchen which is compact yet allows scope when preparing food in the bush,please share your tips with us  on

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