The Bridgestone Club Challenge

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Well as proud co-sponsors of the event we actually get to see the action, last Saturday saw Cross Country M.D. Ian Georgeson and myself do a tour of the 10 obstacles to watch the competitors in action. Back at the camp the CCIC staff and BG Klynhans of Consumer Assure Brokers prepared the tastiest boerewors rolls and juices, as one competitor noted” these are great, more boerewors than roll”.
On the track we visited most of the obstacles and watched how the competitors handled them,points were deducted for roll-backs,touching the banner tape, knocking a golf ball off the route poles and not inspecting the obstacle, three failed attempts also saw you leaving the obstacle.

There were a mixed bag of vehicles with minimum modifications allowed, the drivers were mainly seasoned off-roaders so points tallied were close. Results will be on and later this week, will be interesting to see who won on the day as competition was fierce.

By 13h00 most of the competitors were back at the lapa area and all had enjoyed lunch,tension was high as the marshals were busy with the score sheets and certificates.
I also spent some time with the organizers of the event who feel that to date it has proven to be very successful with high entries for the first three of the four qualifying rounds, after round four it will get interesting as the qualifying competitors battle for a spot in the semi’s and ultimately the final. Details of the next round of destinations to be advised. May the best team win!

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