Be Safe On Our Roads

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The spate of long weekends will see increased traffic on the roads with schools closing on the 28th for the Easter holidays. We hope that this season will see an improvement in the high number of accidents on the road, the Automobile Association ( AA) has noted that many hundreds of thousands of drivers in South Africa obey the rules of the road, operate their vehicles safely, and look out for other road users. These drivers should be praised for playing their role in ensuring road safety on South African roads.

Unfortunately, there are always those who spoil it for everyone else. There is a certain section of our road using public who simply don’t care about others, is only concerned about how quickly they can get to their destination, and who seems to think the rules of the road do not apply to them. These road users need to be singled out as the reason for our horrific road fatality statistics.

As the holidays approach, all road users need to be aware that traffic on major routes, including the N1 to Limpopo, N3 to Durban, and N1 and N2 to Cape Town will be busier than usual.

Keep a positive attitude when on the road this Easter. Understand that many people have a right to be on the road, and all want to reach their destinations safely. Apart from obeying the rules of the road, all road users – motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians – need to respect each other. It is extremely important to;

  • Respect the rules of the road
  • Ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound
  • Ensure all tyres (including spares) are in good condition
  • Ensure everyone in the vehicle is buckled-up (or in approved child restraints)
  • Obey the speed limit (and to drive to the conditions of the road)
  • Reduce speed in wet weather and increase your following distance
  • Wear a helmet if on a bicycle or motorbike
  • Be visible if t you are walking, especially at night
  • Don’t drink and drive, or drink and walk
  • Take a break every 200kms or every two hours to stretch legs and get some fresh air and even something to eat or drink
  • Pay attention to the road at all times

Using the road comes with an obligation to be a safe road user, and to set a good example to all .Unless we collectively aim to be better road users we will never achieve our goal of reducing the country’s road fatality numbers, and we will leave a terrible legacy for the next generation of road users.


At Cross Country we wish you a safe and happy holiday season with your loved one’s.

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