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We see pictures of kit laid out on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well as on websites such as Everyday Carry – .We previously discussed the concept of everyday carry or EDC as it is termed, whereby people either do a “pocket or kit dump” and lay the items out to photograph them . The phenomenen  has grown in popularity. It is also known as a “flat lay,”  knolling is simply photographing carefully organized objects against a background. It  all started way back in 1987.Andrew Kromelow was a janitor working for furniture maker Frank Gehry. He liked organizing his tools and taking pictures. He called it “knolling” after the super clean Knoll furniture the company was making.An artist and sculptor named Tom Sachs visited the shop regularly  and liked the pictures Andrew was taking , he subsequently latched onto the concept and used it in his work.Simply put it is the process of arranging a group of related objects in a clean, organised way by using parallel lines and 90° angles, these pictures are well liked on Instagram, in fact there is even an Instagram account called Flatlays that’s highlights flat lay images.There is something pleasing about these type of shots. But if you think you can just toss a bunch of stuff on the floor, snap a picture, and ride a wave of “likes” to iInstagram fame, then you are mistaken as some thought needs to be given to the process of llaying out the pictures.

  • Start with double the amount of objectsthat you think you’ll need.Position the larger objects, then add the smaller ones until the picture looks balanced. Align or “square the items to either the background or a wall of the room.
  • A bright but overcast day works great. You want broad, even light preferably ‘window light”,the cloudy sky gives a soft box effect.Avoid electric lighting.
  • If the items are similar in size try to create a patterned layout, leave an item out if it does not work for you.
  • Keep the background simple as to not detract from theobjects in the layout.
  • Don’t get hung up on a camera, I use my iPhone 6S most of the time or even a small compact digital camera.
  • Have fun!

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