An Interesting Concept!

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So I spotted a survival kit in a small tin on a website and immediately fell in love with the concept, I love things that are compact and functional. I immediately thought that it would be a great idea to emulate – their kit was in an “Altoids” tin; Altoids are a brand of mints marketed as “Curiously Strong Mints” by their London based parent company. I was however amazed to find that there are numerous references to the use of the empty tin on the Internet and immediately saw the potential of the mini survival kit and the first aid kit.

However when I analysed the particular kit I felt its contents were a bit broad as they included items such as needles, thread and buttons as well as plasters and antiseptic creams which sat side by side with hardcore survival items such as hooks, sinkers and threads. The challenge to me was to come up with a kit that I could keep in my cubbyhole or move from vehicle to vehicle comprised of essential items to have at all times.

The first obstacle was to find a suitable tin, as I did not have access to the real deal – an “Altoids” Tin, I also wanted to stay as true as possible to the concept. After much searching I unearthed a suitable tin, perhaps a bit larger than an ”Altiods” tin but still suitable, now to the contents, I needed to put in at least 10 indispensable travel items to make the idea work! The tin had to close as well. This is an idea that I am going to play with but lets look at the results of the first attempt;

Fire Starter

  • This one I swear by as so often one gets to a braai and no one has brought matches or a lighter.

Swiss Tech Multi Tool

  • Functional and useful this has a star and flat screwdriver as well as a pliers-the option does exist to fix this to a keyring but that adds weight.

Tool Logic Card Tool

  • This is extremely useful in an emergency as it gives you a variety of tools, a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, tweezers, pick and torch.

Mini LED Torch

  • No explanation needed, useful if you come home after dark to load shedding!

Blade Tech Knife Sharpener

  • I thought about this one as it was something I could have left out but came back to the braai and a blunt carving knife!

Vigil Tyre Pressure Gauge

  • As an off-roader this is indispensable but I also use it to check tyres after having had them pumped at a garage, as many of the gauges there are not calibrated and inaccurate.

Fisher Pen

  • I suppose one could drop this if you have a tablet or smartphone but there is still something about a decent pen and paper when you want to doodle or make notes.

Silva Compass

  • From time to time I take pictures and it’s always useful to work out where the sun will rise the next day.

Moleskine Notebook

  • Well if you include a pen then the notebook is an essential.

Army Mirror in cloth case

  • The survival element here is the ability to signal using the mirror but I also tend to shave in the shower and in most cases they do not have mirrors!

Well I achieved 10 items or more if you look at the two multi-tools, I am not convinced that my selection is spot on but it is a start. Perhaps pop onto the forum and tell us what items you would pack, or better still see if you can replicate the idea and send us a picture!

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