After the Trip

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Properly unpacking after a trip can make preparing for the next adventure so much easier.

Plan the next trip as you get home, rather than chill, restock, replenish and put everything back in place before trying to rest. The effort makes the next trip so much easier. From our experience this approach really helps;

  • Don’t relax, start immediately, don’t settle in, unload no matter what the time, do not think of doing things later. Wasting time leads to problems.
  • Cleanse, wash everything, all the crockery, cutlery, water bottles, and any hydration packs- then let them dry and pack them away- it’s time well spent. Chlorine bleach is best.
  • Dry them, as previously said dry before packing, don’t pack wet items unless you enjoy mould. Let thing hang out and dry or rack them until you want to pack them. This approach even applies to special garments that you may only wear seasonally.
  • Remember the items that did not perform to your expectation, a torch, lamp, stove, knife etc. put it aside for inspection, perhaps it’s time to repair or replace?
  • Replenish, well if you have used anything that you may need before the next trip now is the best time to replenish it. Repair/emergency kits, first aid kits, utensils etc. Do not leave it until the next trip. Check medicines that may expire before your next trip, they will need to be replaced.
  • Store your kit together, spread the sleeping bags out, do not leave them in a stuff sack, they need to breathe, tents need to be cleaned and aired. Keep similar items together – beds, cooking, cutlery and crockery, toiletries and first aid etc.
  • Be organised and label if necessary, the more you travel the easier it becomes. This also applies to the items you keep in the house such as binoculars, books, games, cameras etc.


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