AAWDCSA Inter Club Fun Day

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Well the 16th of August was a big day in the off-road calendar as it was the AAWDCSA inter Club Fun Day hosted at Base 4 by the Nissan Off-Road Club.The format was simple 9 teams participated and built and manned one of ten obstacles,the 10Th being a fun environmental obstacle run by the hosts.

Cross Country partnered SecureTech and jointly hosted the raffle table.Now this was a hot one for the day as the vent was busy and the goal was a hefty R 12000,00 to be raised for Free Me a well known animal rehabilitation centre.By lunchtime it was not looking good but then the spirit really kicked in and the tickets started to move,by around¬†15h00¬†there were about 30 tickets left which were promptly swallowed up by the 4×4 action group.

By the time the draw took place over 600 tickets had been sold and the target had been reached. Additional funds will be added to the raffle as the Nissan Club want to see if they can raise a substantial sum of money for this deserving charity with whom they enjoy a good relationship. Once they tally the total they will advise us so that we can keep our community informed.
The day took place under a rather overcast sky which really helped as it had promised to be a scorcher- and the winner,well whilst team prizes were awarded the real winner was the sport of off-roading,participants came together in a friendly yet competitive fashion and a good time was had by all.Special thanks go out to the folk at Cross Country and SecureTech for assisting on the day.

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