A few camping hacks

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So we know camping is all about being outside with a few good friends and family, enjoying the great outdoors, but occasionally something gets left behind by someone. These tricks will really serve to impress.

Say someone needs a table lamp or lantern, all you need is an empty nalgene or translucent bottle and a torch or even a headlamp to turn it into a useful lantern, add a carabiner or string and you can even hang it in a tree.

Work your Nalgene bottle; using them for drinking is only the beginning, if it’s really cold you can fill one with really hot water to use in your sleeping bag as a makeshift hot water bottle. Nalgene bottles are really tough and can even be used as a roller to soothe stiff muscled after a long hike. Filled with ice it makes a useful icepack to reduce swelling and inflammation. Before leaving home crack 12 eggs into a Nalgene bottle and put them in the fridge on arrival at the campsite you can quickly prepare a scramble egg and bacon/mushroom meal while you set up camp. This is especially useful if travelling with little ones.

Another useful tip is to wrap a few metres of Duct tape around your torch, useful to have at hand for medical emergencies or other emergency repairs.

Camping near a river but don’t have enough room in the fridge to keep drinks cold? This is a simple hack, simply put them in a strong bag (a string Orange bag works well here), add a rock to weigh them down and leave them below the water surface. After roughly 30 minutes your drinks should be cold enough—this trick really only works for sealed cans and bottles.

A more environmentally friendly fire starter is always a great party trick. Keep some of the dryer lint from your tumble dryer in a container and stuff it into a toilet paper tube to have a fire starter to get your kindling going. Balls of cotton wool coated with Vaseline also work well as does a dash of olive oil or a sprinkling of sugar. Personally I always travel with a bottle of old tea bags soaked in methylated spirits as my fire starters, they really work a treat.

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