A different concept – the bug out bag!

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There are many survival groups out there who prep for the apocalypse, some after watching numerous Zombie and post apocalypse movies and TV Series, others who are simply paranoid.

Yet there is sound reason to have a bug out kit at hand when travelling or even at home in the case of an emergency – which could simply be flooding which isolates you or a road emergency which leaves you and your family stranded.

So one should be prepared even for everyday situations. So the staunch followers of the EDC philosophy ( Every Day Carry ) advocate a “Bug out or Bail out” bag that should be readily available at home or in your vehicle when travelling. When timing is critical this is the bag that you grab as you exit a situation. The bag generally contains essentials to keep you and your loved one’s safe during an emergency. The kit should not be too bulky or heavy in case you need to move quickly a huge bag will slow you down and tire you out, a small rucksack may be best as that leaves your hands free in case you have to carry someone or something else. So we will discuss a few essentials that will go a long way to making life easier. So let’s take a look at a few essential items, many of the are everyday items but when you put them together they make up a formidable kit.

A good Super Tool is imperative, you need knives, drivers and a pliers at least as well as a whole lot of other items, the main blade can always start a fire-starter so stick to a simple  brand, we have had good results with the Victorinox Brand as well as SOG, Gerber and Leatherman. A Power Pack is always a good option as you may need to recharge your phone if your battery dies. We recently discussed your First Aid kit and have to reiterate that this is a critical item. Although a lighter is a must have, a good backup is to have a waterproof container and some matches with a strike surface. A few packs of freeze dried meals and a small pot as well as a cooker will come in handy as will some tinned food, an opener and a spork ( combined knife, spoon and fork ). Always keep some hand cleaner and antiseptic wet wipes at hand, you will never know when you need them and they will be useful for freshening up. A headlamp and a torch are critical especially as the headlamp operates in hands free mode. You may have to sleep rough so a lightweight sleeping bag or blanket as well as a micro fibre towel may be a useful addition to the kit. The list can be endless but should include the following,

  • A robust fixed blade knife ( good value are from the Mora stable) 
  • Paracord or a paracord bracelet
  • Duct tape and cable ties
  • A compass and map
  • A waterproof document pouch for id’s passports etc.

The list is endless and we are not wanting to advocate doom and gloom but stuff can happen that could leave you stranded albeit for a short time is it does help to be prepared and gave a prepared mindset as well.

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