15 Every Day Necessities

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Certain trends can be fun and some others are downright irritating, a newish one which has its own website and social media space is dedicated to Everyday Carry more commonly referred to as EDC and in a nutshell it simply describes those items you carry around in your pockets or a bag that are indispensable and used on a daily basis.

So I looked at the sites and social media space to see what qualifies and it seems to be those things that you take with you every day when you leave home, in a way they are items that you would be lost without and perhaps even return home to collect. Sort of like a boy scout you need them, they have a purpose and prepare you for the day!

These are not things like receipts sweets and gum but rather items that you feel to be truly essential. The items have a function and prepare you for anything the day may throw at you.

From looking at the site www.everydaycarry.com it becomes apparent that there is a distinct difference between the things that are carried by people who work outdoors as opposed to indoor types but certain things are common to both such as pens, notebooks, wallets and watches. That being said I decided to pack out my small daily utility bag and have a look at the contents, spending a good deal of time outdoors obviously required a mix of items! So lets unpack and see what makes up my Everyday Carry.


Boker Tactical Pen

A Tactical pen has multiple uses and can even be used for defence,in my case I like the durability offered by the aluminum body as one can drop it sit on it and it can take a great deal of abuse and still write afterwards. A bonus is the fact that it uses a standard Parker Refill. In an emergency it has a hardened stud on the cap that can be used to break a car window as well.


SOG Pliers/Tool

SOG make great knives and tools, I am particularly fond of this one as it is compact and has all the necessary tools and a knife blade for emergencies, the needle nose and compound jaws just improve it’s performance when used as a straight pliers.


Kershaw Knife

Well one needs a knife; it cuts biltong, halves an orange and peels an apple, need I say more?


Moleskin Notebook

No self-respecting person is complete without one, yes you can carry a tablet but it just does not cut it when sitting out in the bush and you need to make notes.


Millimetri Notebook

Backup to the Moleskin but a newer type to our sunny shores, I’m dying for an excuse to take notes and open this one.


Silva Compass

Well as they say one may know the time of the day but that does not mean much when you don’t know where your are. This is a lightweight small compass useful for photography when you need to check where sunrise or sunset will be!


Dental Floss

I just don’t feel complete without floss and after a braai or biltong it helps prep you for the next meeting.


IPhone charging cord

Generally the phone lasts a day but some days , well one never knows.


Flash Drive

Not an IT geek but one never knows when you have to store a document or a few pictures; this is a slim line option offering 4 GB of storage.


Lamy Fountain Pen

Well the Boker Pen offers durability when outdoors but I do favour a fountain pen for taking notes (with black ink)!



These are essential, can be used to clean glasses, lenses and well as when caught with the sniffles (also doubles as a napkin when necessary)


Stainless Steel Money Clip

I am mainly in jeans or cargo pants person so I just find it easier to carry a few folded notes in my pocket for fuel or extras


IPhone 5s(not pictured as it took the photograph)

I enjoy Apple products for their durable construction, ability to synch to my laptop and the fact that the functionality is so intuitive.


NiteIze S-Biner and Pry bar

Well these may be “gimmicky” in the light of all the other stuff but the S-Biner is extremely useful as I use it to secure my keys to a belt loop when shopping and it has a nifty bottle opener for emergencies. The pry bar has a ruler, doubles as a small spanner and bottle opener and has a very nice edge on the screwdriver, which opens tape when unpacking boxes!


Tactical Torch

Enough said, it’s compact, takes rechargeable batteries and helps when you get home to unscheduled load shedding(again).

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