Simply Use Your Pocket Knife

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Every day carry or EDC as it is known is a relatively new term in South Africa for an old concept, it’s simply a new way of talking about the stuff we carry with us every day. Simple items like a wallet, torch, notebook, pen, pocket knife, cell phone and even a multi-tool! Add to that a few cable ties, earphones for your phone, some duct tape etc. and you have your personal every day carry ( EDC ) kit.

There’s no shortage of uses for your pocket knife. The other day I was at a function where they had run out of knives, no problem I simply put my Swiss Army knife to work. There have been times when at an impromptu do it has done full duty cutting meat, prepping salads and even opening the wine. So a good daily carry knife should have some size to it, you are going to struggle with kitchen duty if yours has a 4,5 cm blade. Yes, it can possibly peel and quarter an apple, slice biltong , open a packet of biscuits and even cut a sandwich but a specialized knife is more suitable. Firstly I like a blade that locks and ensures that the blade will not fold back onto my fingers, then I like a nicely defined tip and some length for slicing, this allows me to slice at a variety of angles dependant on the type of food, a lower dragging angle is great for steak and julienne vegetables . your blade should also be wide enough to spread stuff like butter, jam, chutney or even pickle, in this case, a serrated edge does not make it! Handle size is also important. The handle should be large enough to grip and hold while you work, whilst a broad blade is best it should be thin enough to enable fine peeling as well especially in the case of fruit such as pears and apples.

However, when in the kitchen at home or even at your campsite the right tools will make the job so much easier, I do however advocate packing light when traveling so what’s the solution?

I have a full range of knives in my kitchen, however, I often opt to use a Kershaw blade trader when faced with numerous tasks when preparing a meal. The blade trader has a single handle with a snap lock system that enables it to be used on a variety of blades:

Cooks blade

Carving blade

Bread slicing blade

Saw blade

Fish fillet blade

Paring/utility blade

A truly indispensable set for the home or when out camping!

To start with the chef’s knife, a great multi-purpose blade that can achieve a great deal around the kitchen, it cuts, dices and can substitute a mezzaluna for chopping herbs and suchlike. the rubber handle is also a nice size and with the ribs, easy to grip.

The bread blade is a bonus, the teeth allow you to saw through a loaf in long horizontal movements, this means that you do not have to push down on the bread and crush it. The teeth come into their own with crusty bread. Oh, and did I mention how useful this type of knife is for cutting softer fruit and vegetable such as a tomato?

The paring blade is a great general purpose blade, being smaller it is more controllable and can handle the delicate stuff and smaller items.

The carving blade is just that a nice blade to carve anything from a chicken to a lamb or beef roast and lastly the saw blade is useful for cutting bone, frozen items or even wood.

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