A Resolute 2017

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Resolutions can be predictable and boring,normally made after eating and drinking too much over the festive season.

  • Exercise
  • Eat correctly
  • Make money

Rather bland and predictable and lacking longevity, yes they are good goals that you shoul strive for but add a few that are also achievable and add some punch to the year.Some of us are not geared to getting dressed in gym clothes and heading off for a session at a trendy gym,but yes exercise is still important,try cycling or even a “Parkrun”, regular walking is also great exercise,download a fitness app for your smartphone and work out some achievable goals- then in the true All Terrain spirit look for some outdoor activities,go hiking,canoeing or even rock climbing. Exercise at home can also be fun ,perhaps get a set of kettle bells and set a short daily workout.

Eating correctly  tends to be the norm, rather than dieting eat in a fashion that suits you and cut out those things that you know are bad for you,reduce excessive red meat and processed foods,this combined with an exercise programme will see you slowly shedding those extra kilo’s.

Then cut down on social media,check your feeds once a day when you decide to post- do not forget to visit us at www.allterrain.co.za though!

Then consider times when you wanted to change the world and never went ahead with the plan,follow through this time , there are so many worthy causes that would welcome your participation. Especially the animal rescues and shelters.

Lastly detach yourself fromscreens, how much time do you spend looking at a screen- morning wake up and scroll your smartphone , then go to work-computer screen, then home to TV?

Detach a bit and get out like a true All Terrainer, there are campsites and trails to visit,ours is a truly awesome country , use you time well,outdoors is way better that a playstation or app!

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My first 4x4 was a Nissan Hardbody thereafter I started travelling all over the country. In 1992 we held a big 4x4 day with hundreds of Nissan families, and then the 4x4 bug really bit. A friend Monty Brett and I started running 4x4 courses at the Hennops Off-road Trail just outside of Johannesburg. At first we offered day-and-a-half courses that started on Friday afternoon and finished on Saturday afternoon. Hannes Grobler the Rally Ace regularly assisted, and we reached a nice balance between our two styles and our skills.

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