Preventing the Bug

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Well you are off to the coast but are you adequately prepared? Have you made sure that you have your medical aid card, you will need it in the case of an emergency and believe you me many people forget theirs at home.

Then your first aid kit needs to be checked, ask your chemist to dispose of any meds that have expired and stock up with their advice on suitable OTC meds for diarrhea, nausea as well as stomach cramps, nothing worse than being down with a bug when on holiday. See if the chemist stocks charcoal tablets as well, they are a good natural way of fighting a tummy bug!

And now for the dreaded TD or “travellers diarrhea” this is often prevalent in hot, humid coastal areas where standards of handling and preparation of food are not up to scratch. Food can also turn when left out of the refrigerator leading to the onset of an attack of TD. The “bugs” in food that has been poorly prepared or tainted attack your stomach bringing on the onset of an attack of diarrhea, if you have young children you should discuss this with your Doctor or pharmacist to get the best advice before travelling, there are various OTC meds as well as some excellent homeopathic options that you can slip into the first aid kit to alleviate the symptoms. On top of that they will also recommend a hydration mix to replace lost electrolytes.

Avoid dodgy looking eateries as well as ‘street meals” sold by vendors, drink as much bottled water as you can when away from your residence and watch out for undercooked cuts of meat, chicken, fish etc. that may have been in the sun-even be careful of hotel buffets.

Should you succumb to an attack drink as much water as you can as well as a rehydration mix, avoid dairy products and stick to thin soups until you recover.

Be careful especially if you have young children, if an attack persists or continues longer than 24 hours rather consult a medical professional or get to the casualty section of a local hospital.

However with caution when eating out one should be able to avoid the dreaded bug and enjoy the holiday- a packed cool-box full of tasty nutritious food on the road,will mean that one can avoid the takeaways at service stations which tend to be operating way beyond capacity in the holiday season, at the same time this will also save you at least an hour in terms of your travelling time. The cool-box can thereafter be used on the holiday if going out for a day trip or visiting the beach with the family.

On this note we wish you much happiness if travelling, stay safe and look forward to a happy and prosperous New Year.

And lastly don’t forget to apply liberal amounts of sunblock.

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