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Simola Hillclimb

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The Knysna Heads. Knysna is one of South Africa’s most beloved towns. When it is mentioned, it evokes images of “the heads”, sea horses, indigenous forests with secretive elephants and adult beverages at sunset on the pier at Jetty Tappas before it went up in smoke in 1999. The Simola Hillclimb is another institution and, since we have many petrolheads …

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A desire to explore

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Exploration is in the Cross Country DNA. Years ago on a whim our  CEO Ian Georgeson and I started with a trip to Kenhardt in the Northern Cape to photograph the “Kokerboom Forest”. We ended up on a local farmers’ farm as the forest had been closed to the public. The shots were awesome and we were treated to the rare …

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Spontaneity with an impromptu kit

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I tend to be more of a planner, spending time on weekends catching up, gardening or even in the garage. A close friend is far more a “spur of the moment” type and often phones when he is around the corner suggesting a walk with the dogs or even a bird-watching session at the Delta. Time is not a factor …